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3 Common Reasons For Braces

Many people experience some tooth misalignment or overcrowding, among other teeth problems, at some point. In most cases, people can handle these issues by improving oral hygiene. That said, sometimes teeth need to be physically guided into proper alignment through braces. It is vital to get an orthodontist exam to determine the need to use braces. The following are the most common reasons why people might use braces.

Cosmetic Reasons

An orthodontist exam aims at determining if you need braces, although not everyone undertakes the assessment. Some people may get braces simply for cosmetic reasons and not because they need them. On the other hand, some people have orthodontic issues such as crooked teeth or overbite and underbite. These issues put too much pressure on the molars and cause pain when chewing. By having braces on your teeth, you will straighten out the problem areas. In addition, braces ensure you are smiling without any pain.

Overbite/Underbite Reasons

According to the American Dental Association, the other primary reason for braces, other than aesthetics, is an overbite. To avoid a bad bite, some people get braces to fix overbites or underbites. Suppose you have an overbite and wear braces. In this case, the braces will ensure you do not push your lower jaw too far down.

Crowded Teeth Reasons

The majority of people get braces to straighten their teeth. People may get braces because the upper jaw does not grow as fast as the lower jaw grows. With this, the upper teeth will outgrow the lower teeth. In some cases, the teeth that grow faster than others are not big enough to take up the space of the bigger teeth. As a result, some teeth do not meet each other adequately. For example, if your teeth are too crowded, you need orthodontic treatment. Braces come in handy for persons with overcrowded teeth.

These are just a few possible reasons why people use braces. It is crucial to undergo an orthodontist exam to determine if one needs to use braces. Contact David Ross Orthodontics today if you are interested in seeing if braces are suitable for your oral health needs. We have expertise and experience helping people in Hanover, PA and Lutherville-Timonium, MD, achieve a new smile. For more information on the use of braces, visit our website today.