5 Questions to Ask When Considering Orthodontic Treatment

Thanks to scientific progress, patients now have a wide variety of orthodontic treatment alternatives to choose from. Specialists in orthodontics are trained to use a wide variety of orthodontic equipment, including transparent aligners, traditional braces, and even orthodontic appliances. They have the knowledge to provide the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time. However, before committing to orthodontic treatment, here are questions to ask your provider.

1. In What Time Frame Can I Expect to See Results From My Treatment?

The duration of your orthodontic treatment varies based on your age and how severe your situation is. According to Humana, children typically have braces for two years, but it might take up to three years for adults. Ask for a timeframe from your service provider within which you can expect to see results.

2. When Should I Expect My Scheduled Appointments?

Appointment frequency is affected by the type of treatment administered. Regular appointments keep your treatment on track. Clear aligners and other forms of ortho treatment may only need to be checked or adjusted every 6–12 weeks. However, traditional braces and orthodontic equipment may need to be checked every 4–8 weeks. Your service provider should offer you an indication of what to anticipate. To be certain you don’t miss an appointment, double-check your appointment intervals.

3. What Will Happen if the Length of My Treatment Exceeds the Anticipated Time?

The duration of each treatment varies. Although some patients may require fewer appointments than expected, others may need more time. Some of the factors that might extend treatment time include tooth movement that is slower than anticipated, missed appointments, altered treatment objectives, subpar oral hygiene, and broken appliances. Make sure you understand what will happen if your treatment takes longer than expected and if extra services will attract additional costs.

4. Do You Take My Insurance? Do You Have Payment Plans?

David Ross Orthodontics accepts most insurance. Using your insurance benefits with an in-network physician can significantly reduce the cost of treatment. To further help you and your family in affording necessary orthodontic care, we provide interest-free, in-house financing.

5. What About Retainer Choices?

Your orthodontist will advise you on the best way to use retainers to keep your teeth in their new positions once treatment is complete. Fortunately, there are a variety of retainer options available, including those that are bonded or cemented behind the teeth, and the more common removable models. The orthodontist will likely include retainers in your treatment plan at no extra charge. They can help you choose the right retainer to help keep your new smile for good depending on several criteria.

Orthodontic treatment addresses a number of issues. Give us a call today to book an appointment with our specialist. We would be happy to help you smile!