5 Reasons to Get Braces Today

If you often smile with your mouth closed out of insecurity, chances are you’re not too proud of your teeth. An individual’s dental health often directly contributes to their overall confidence. If your teeth don’t look good, chances are you won’t feel as good as you would if they were straight and white. Braces are often recommended to people with misaligned teeth to help them achieve the perfect smile they desire. For those looking to achieve the perfect smile, here are five reasons to get braces.

Correct a Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite might give you trouble in a variety of ways. They are frequently caused by crowded teeth, gingivitis, or external damage. This sort of bite might pose problems in your daily life such as pain when speaking or eating. According to Mouth Healthy, orthodontic treatment often begins between ages eight and 14 because these misalignments become noticeable typically around ages six to 12. Braces are an excellent approach to address this. They can assist in resolving all of the underlying issues that are causing the overbite or underbite. Elastics will then be used to assist in eliminating the misaligned bite.

Address Teeth Spacing Issues

Diastema is the term used to describe the gaps that form between teeth. While these are not uncommon, significant ones can lead to feelings of insecurity. Braces can help correct these gaps. They function by shifting your teeth into a more appropriate alignment. This, in turn, will close any gaps that exist. If gaps bother you, this is a fantastic incentive to get braces.

Fix Crowding Issues

Crowding creates several mouth problems.  Cleaning the locations where crowding occurs can also be tough. Tartar and plaque buildups can develop, leading to tooth damage and put you at risk of heart issues later in life. Correcting crowding with braces will make your teeth cleaner and healthier. A happy mouth and a healthy body are synonymous with clean teeth!

Avoid Breathing Issues

Misaligned teeth might also impair your breathing. People who experience these troubles are often forced to start breathing through their mouths. This can lead to further issues such as sleep apnea and snoring, which can be a result of the tongue’s inability to rest naturally in the mouth. It is especially troublesome for children since it inhibits their skeletal development. Having it repaired as early as possible is the best approach to avoid future issues. Braces cure this by straightening the teeth, allowing the tongue to relax more appropriately. As a result, normal breathing through the nose is possible.

Boosts Confidence

Smiling spreads like wildfire. Nothing beats having a great grin that you are proud of. A charming grin has been shown to increase self-esteem. While braces may not solve all of your problems, they might help you feel better about yourself by correcting your teeth.

Braces are an effective orthodontic treatment for fixing tooth issues and attaining a picture-perfect smile. If you’re considering getting braces, don’t hesitate. Call David Ross Orthodontics to get braces today!