5 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with a Family Orthodontist

People of different ages will often have a wide range of dental health needs. A family orthodontist has the responsibility of providing orthodontic care for members of the entire household.

A family orthodontist primarily provides orthodontic services and teaches patients proper oral hygiene while wearing orthodontic appliances. In this article, we look at some of the reasons you’d want to visit an orthodontic professional.

1. Treats the Whole Family

The best orthodontists specialize in treating patients of different age groups. Younger clients have needs that are different from older adults. For example, children may take lessons with their parents on how to properly clean their teeth while wearing braces.

By scheduling an appointment with a family orthodontist, you don’t have to make multiple trips to different professionals. One orthodontic office can address the needs of your household.

2. Early Detection

Since your loved ones can conveniently schedule appointments, it is possible to ensure that your loved ones attend all sessions. By frequently visiting the best family orthodontist, you can detect early misalignment of the teeth and other symptoms.

Just like with most conditions, early detection is crucial in addressing oral health problems. For example, the timely management of gum disease can reduce the risk of having to undergo TMJ treatments in the future.

3. Tailored Treatment Plan

If, after an evaluation, you need to undergo an orthodontic treatment procedure, a family orthodontist will be your best guide. Since they work with people of all ages, they often have exceptional people skills. They also have a vast knowledge of the different types of treatment procedures available.

For those reasons, an orthodontic health professional can breakdown the options available for you and your family. They can walk you through the procedures for same-day braces and even Invisalign clear aligners.

4. Comprehensive Care

An orthodontic specialist will conduct multiple tests to check for malocclusions and damaged teeth. They use sophisticated tools to map out inconsistencies with your jaws and gums. A family orthodontist can diagnose a wide range of conditions.

5. Oral Hygiene Routine

Not only should you brush your teeth twice a day, but also floss at least once a day. Such oral hygiene routines are crucial for keeping your gums and teeth healthy for the long term, especially during orthodontic treatment at your family orthodontist.

Family orthodontists may organize oral hygiene sessions for the most vulnerable groups. For example, a teen who has gone through a procedure to install braces may need to learn effective cleaning techniques. Proper cleaning helps to reduce incidences of gum disease and cavities. They will organize follow up sessions to monitor your progress as you undergo treatment.


An orthodontic specialist for the whole family has the skill and training to treat people of all ages. They can provide valuable insights into a wide range of treatments. They help children and adults achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that will minimize the risk of cavities and gum disease. For more information on our orthodontic services in Hanover, visit our website today.