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5 Things to Look for When Considering Airway Treatment

If you are looking for airway treatment, you’re probably visiting many orthodontists. Choosing one is a decision that can affect your child’s well-being as airway treatment is a new method of treatment that has been incorporated into the orthodontic industry. It is designed to treat children who have demonstrated continuous obstructed breathing for several years.

Here are five things to look for in an orthodontist when considering airway treatment.


As highlighted above, airway treatment has not been in the industry for many years, which means not all orthodontists in the industry have come to terms with this treatment approach. A qualified orthodontist should have had the procedure available for at least a year and should clearly understand everything to do with airway treatment. They should know the necessary treatment approach and be able to show that they have performed the procedure successfully in the past.

Full Orthodontic Assessment

A good orthodontist should perform a full orthodontic assessment on your child. They should discuss all aspects of orthodontic health with you, rather than focussing on a singular treatment, and before recommending any procedures. This can include assessing your child to see if they may need braces, overbite treatment, and testing for temporomandibular joint muscle disorder, which is a common orthodontic issue in 5% and 12% of children in the United States.

Specialized Treatment Services

When you as a parent take your child to an orthodontist for crooked teeth or anything else, they are mostly concerned about the levels of services they will be receiving. Your provider should create custom orthodontic services and offer various levels of treatment and payment options. The facility should be focused on ensuring that all the patients who visit get the treatment services that are consistent with their specific needs. They should also be focussed on avoiding as much invasive treatment as possible, as it is being phased out of orthodontal treatment.

Comfortable Treatment

One aspect you should always be focused on is the comfort of your kids during airway treatment or any other treatment. You may want to be there so you can be sure that your child is getting the right treatment or can be comforted by you. Any medical professional who treats children should understand the importance of parents in the treatment room. If they refuse to allow you or tell you cannot be with your child, you should consider another facility.

Flexible Payment Option

Payments for corrective jaw surgery and other specialized orthodontic services are always an issue of concern to many families. No good orthodontist should force you to pay the entire amount at once. Flexible payment plans that will help parents cover their expenses without significant problems should be the standard. Even parents who do not have orthodontic insurance should be able to get some kind flexible plan that only requires them to pay in installments.

Take all of these factors into consideration before deciding on an orthodontist to treat your child.

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