7 Surprising Reasons to Visit an Orthodontist

Only a few Americans are fortunate enough to be born with a perfect set of teeth. In fact, one in every three adults is unhappy with their smile. Sadly, dental appearance does affect your self-esteem and how others view you. This is part of the reason why braces and Invisalign treatments can be life-changing.

A trip to the family orthodontist who offers advanced treatments will allow you to have braces placed that straighten your teeth. Remember that having straight teeth offers more than just aesthetics. Here are seven other advantages of seeking orthodontic treatment.

1. Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Misaligned teeth can be hard to clean. Brush bristles and dental floss may not always reach the spaces between the teeth, leading to the accumulation of food particles. Your family orthodontist may recommend treatment that will straighten your teeth. The end result may allow you to more easily reach the hidden food particles. This reduces the risk of dental caries and tooth loss.

2. Get a Healthy Bite

An orthodontist can help treat malocclusions such as overbites, crossbites, underbites, and open bites. An ideal bite allows you to break your food properly into tiny bits, reducing digestion problems. Straight teeth may also reduce the chances of grinding and wearing down of the enamel while chewing. Braces can reduce the risk of tooth chipping associated with crooked teeth.

3. Prevent Periodontitis

Braces treatments such as Invisalign aligners may actually improve your gum health. Because crooked teeth are difficult to brush, the accumulation of food particles combined with bacteria leads to a buildup of plaque and tartar. Eventually, you may need to visit a family orthodontist due to gum inflammation. This gingivitis can develop to periodontitis. Straightening your teeth can end up keeping your gums healthy. Remember that it is important to prevent periodontal disease, as it has been linked to a number of cardiovascular problems.

4. Protect Your Jawbones

Misaligned teeth can place a strain on your jawbones as you chew and speak, which can lead to temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. This undue pressure on the TMJ may result in excruciating pain due to uneven bite forces. Orthodontics for treating TMJ will not only fix you bite but will also keep your jawbone strong and healthy.

5. Make Space for Dental Implants

Loss of a permanent tooth may cause a realignment of teeth in your mouth, leading to poorly spaced teeth. This development may trap food particles that may lead to plaque and tartar buildup. Orthodontic treatment can be an excellent way to create space for your orthodontist to fix dental implants. Getting implants may help restore your ability to bite and speak correctly.

6. Improve Other Oral Functions

Misaligned teeth may cause more than just bad bites. Disproportionate teeth will have a significant effect on how you speak, as well. Orthodontists can fix your misalignment, leading to speech improvement. In addition, straightening your teeth can open your airways, thus helping patients with sleep apnea.

7. Increase Overall Health

Gum disease is quite common in patients with malocclusions, as it is difficult to clean all parts in the mouth. Bleeding gums may introduce harmful bacteria into your bloodstream, resulting in infections. Research shows a connection between oral hygiene and overall health, with periodontitis tied to other conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and premature births.

Seeking out the most experienced provider of Hanover orthodontics will provide more than just simple cosmetic enhancement. Straightening your teeth will improve your oral health, overall health, boost your confidence, and give you a perfect smile. Get braces today by consulting our orthodontist Dr. Ross at David Ross Orthodontics.