Are You a Candidate for Same Day Braces?

Same day braces can help you reach your smile goals and set you up for a lifetime of good oral health. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, it is estimated many people, between 50% and 75%, would benefit from seeing an orthodontist. Same day braces can make getting braces more convenient. Learn how you can get braces today.


What Are Same Day Braces?

Typically, when you go to the orthodontist for treatment, you will have a few appointments before treatment begins. With a same-day treatment option, you start treatment the same day you see the orthodontist. Most patients find this a very convenient option.

Instead of having to clear your schedule for multiple appointments, you can start treatment in one appointment. This may be a great option for anyone who needs/wants braces but has difficulty fitting them into their schedule.


You Have To Choose The Right Orthodontist

Not every orthodontist offers this type of service. Your first step in starting treatment the same day you see the orthodontist is to find an orthodontist that offers this type of service. Choosing the right orthodontist will save you time and get you on the road to a great smile quickly.


There Are a Few Requirements

There are a few eligibility requirements to be eligible for this treatment option. For example, you will need to have x-rays. You will need to have a dental cleaning within the last six months. You cannot need any restorative work. In other words, your teeth need to be in good condition other than the need for braces.

Bring your insurance information with you to the appointment or make payment arrangements before your appointment date. In most cases, the orthodontist will do the exam, which may include new x-rays if your x-rays are outdated, and get the braces done the same day if everything else is in order.


If you are ready to get braces but do not want to have multiple appointments over weeks, same day treatment options at a trusted orthodontist are the way to go. Find an orthodontist who can provide you with same-day treatment today to start.