Bad Childhood Habits That Can Cause Crooked Teeth

Some children grow up with crooked teeth due to their genetics. Other children end up with crooked teeth because they have bad childhood habits that have caused them to come in crooked. Bad childhood habits are a top reason children need to seek orthodontic care. Another reason kids need braces, besides getting beautifully straight teeth, is an overbite. Thankfully, orthodontics can help.

Chronic Teeth Grinding or Bruxism Is a Red Flag

Teeth grinding may happen while your child is sleeping. The constant pressure and grinding can wear down tooth enamel. Grinding also causes teeth to shift, gums to recede, and negatively changes bite patterns. Protect your child’s teeth and prevent damage by having them fitted with a customized mouth guard.

Watch for Forward Tongue Posture

The back and tip of the tongue typically press upward toward the palate to activate muscles that are connected to the jaw, skull base, throat, and spine. Check your child’s tongue posture while they’re watching television. If their tongue is poking out, they have a forward tongue posture. Let their orthodontist know if your child has this posture problem.

Children Shouldn’t Sleep on Their Tummies

Does your child always sleep on their stomach? If so, the constant pressure to the head and jaw may be shifting their teeth and causing spinal and facial abnormalities. The fix is simple. Guide your child to sleep on their side or back and prop pillows on either side of them so they feel more comfortable.

Thumb-Sucking Causes Bite Problems

When an infant sucks their thumb, it is considered a normal soothing technique. However, if the habit continues into their toddler years, it puts unwanted pressure on their lower and upper jaws that push their upper teeth forward and lower teeth backward. Putting a protective covering on their hand at night is one of many possible solutions.

The ideal time to correct the cause of crooked teeth is when your child is young. Contact a local orthodontist to get early treatment and possibly keep them from needing orthodontics when they get older. Schedule a free consultation today!