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Beyond Straight Teeth: The Life-Changing Benefits of Braces

A mouth full of straight teeth looks great when you smile. That’s why, according to Humana, as many as 25% of people with braces are adults. However, adults can seek such ortho treatments for reasons beyond having teeth in perfect formation. If you live in Hanover, PA or Baltimore, MD and want to find out how braces can improve your life, read on.

Better Sleep

According to the Sleep Foundation, you need at least seven to nine hours of restful sleep at night, but teeth alignment or jaw issues may prevent that. Bite issues or protruding teeth can make it impossible to fully close your mouth when sleeping. It can result in dry mouth, sleep apnea, or severe snoring. Sleep apnea happens when the jaw moves down and blocks your airway when you sleep, making you constantly wake up.

Orthodontic treatments can fit you for devices such as a CAP machine or start traditional braces treatment that’ll properly align your teeth and jaw. Constantly waking up during your sleep can result in fatigue, immunity problems, and weight issues. According to Psychology Today, poor sleep is linked to depression and anxiety.

More Confidence

Imagine how much confidence you have with a better smile. A beautiful smile can be one of the first things people notice about you. Constantly getting compliments on your smile can’t help but improve your self-esteem level. With more confidence, you’re likely to put yourself out there in terms of making friends, going on dates, taking risks, and aiming high in regard to your career.

Proper Eating

How you eat is as important as what you eat. Even with a diet filled with fruits and vegetables, improper chewing can result in poor nutrition absorption. Remember, your digestion begins as soon as you begin chewing. Poor bite alignments can make it hard to chew and grind your food properly before you swallow. As a result, you can have various gastrointestinal issues ranging from constipation to acid reflux.

More Social Opportunities

According to Bumble, smiling can help improve your dating prospects. When you look good, you’re more likely to attend more social functions to mingle or go for that job interview. When you appear smiley and happy from afar, people will approach you more.

Orthodontic treatments can improve your life beyond the aesthetics of straight teeth. Straighter teeth aid in better nutrition, sleep, and confidence levels. Are you ready for a perfect smile? Contact our local orthodontist office in Hanover, PA or Baltimore, MD for a consultation.