Braces Are Now More Affordable Than Ever

Many people want to have an amazing and incredible smile but think that braces are too expensive. But rest assured that even though it can be difficult to find affordable braces, there are many ways of pursuing them that don’t waste your time or break the bank.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top tips and tricks to find affordable braces. By adhering to these rules and using some practical know-how, you’ll be well on your way to getting the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

Shop Around and Compare

If you’ve casually searched online for “orthodontists near you,” then you’ve probably seen how many orthodontists provide upfront pricing. In some ways, this is a visible indicator of the type of practice they run. Many have ultra-low prices as an introductory offer, while others are consistent or higher priced no matter what. Shop around and compare orthodontic services just like you would a car purchase or electrician. If you want affordable braces, it’s best to shop around.

Ask about Discounts

Even though it might not be advertised, there are discounts available at many orthodontic practices. Some include family member discounts, referrals, elderly discounts, or special discounts for veterans. Getting a discount on your treatment does not mean that it will be of reduced quality. It never hurts to ask!

Arrange Your Budget Accordingly

Since 25% of people with braces are adults, it makes sense that many people are seeking ways to lower the amount they might pay for braces. When you have your own budget to set and spend, there are always ways to arrange it so that you pay less. Sometimes simply doing away with unnecessary expenses can enable you to find the money that would be better spent on braces and improving your life. Many orthodontists offer payment plans or discounts, allowing you to stay within your budget and not have any reduction in treatment.

Check Your Insurance

If you’re still struggling to figure out how to get affordable braces without breaking the bank, take a look into what your insurance will cover. If you don’t specifically have dental insurance, many other types of insurance purchased by you or provided by an employer can help you receive affordable braces. Even if you are on a limited income and have no insurance at all (or are receiving Medicaid), there are sometimes options and government programs that will help you receive orthodontic treatment at little to no cost. Many orthodontic practices have on-site consultants that will be able to discuss the many types of insurance arrangements with you and provide the best solution.

Afford The Smile You’ve Always Wanted

At David Ross Orthodontics, you really can get the smile you’ve always wanted at an affordable price. Not only do we accept all major insurance plans, but we also accept Medicaid, participate in CHIP, offer discounts for full payments and multi-family member treatment, and can arrange payment plans for those that are truly in need. There is even an on-site financial coordinator to help you with an insurance plan and answer any questions. With a quality orthodontist like Dr. David Ross, it’s easier than ever to have affordable braces!