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Braces Keep Getting More Affordable — Here’s Why

If you’re the parent of a child that needs braces but aren’t sure how you can go about affording the treatment, don’t worry. Not only are there a variety of ways that you can get braces today at little to no cost, but even if you think you’re out of options there is still a tried and true method.

Affordable braces are right around the corner for anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and investigate some alternative ways of payment that might be open to them. Everything from dental insurance to orthodontist payment plans should be available to you if you’re only willing to ask for it, and affordable braces are not out of the range of possibilities available to you.

Investigate Your Dental Insurance

Don’t be fooled by the name when it comes to dental insurance. Although it is primarily used for paying for dental treatments and the costs associated with it, it can more broadly be called “oral health insurance” since it sometimes includes the cost of oral surgery and, increasingly, braces. If you have dental insurance from your workplace or that you’ve purchased on your own, it’s worth finding out whether they cover traditional braces treatment or other alternatives. Because of the increasing popularity of braces, it’s worth finding out whether this benefit you’ve sought can help provide affordable braces to you and your family.

Orthodontist Payment Plans

Many orthodontists realize that families and individuals are on a budget and try to run their businesses accordingly. Instead of demanding payment upfront or even at the end of a quarter, lots of orthodontists are only too happy to set up payment plans for patients in which they can receive braces now but pay for them over an extended period of time. The benefit of this, unlike being on a payment plan for a car or piece of clothing, is that receiving braces improves your child’s life now and can be considered an appreciating asset. By investing in your child today and paying for it over time, you can have truly affordable braces right now!

Friends and Family Discounts

In a similar vein to what we’ve just mentioned above, lots of orthodontists will automatically give a substantial discount to friends and family when they refer each other. So, if an older member of your family has received braces from this orthodontist, you’re probably eligible for a discount right off the bat. If your family serves in the military, is a first responder, or occupies any other special group, this could also serve to help lower the amount you pay for your child’s braces and turn them into affordable braces before you know it.

Old Fashioned Budgeting

Although it might not seem like the most glamorous option when it comes to finding affordable braces, there is always the tried-and-true method of cash budgeting when it comes to affording large purchases. If you can get a written estimate from the orthodontist of your choice on how much your child’s braces will cost, this will allow you to save up the required amount of money over a series of weeks or months in manageable amounts. Even if the initial cost is quite large, anything is feasible once it’s broken down into bite-sized chunks that anyone can afford on any budget. It’s one of the most straightforward routes to affordable braces that we know!

Affordable Braces Are Worth Pursuing

No matter whether you’re trying to get traditional metal braces or alternatives, affordable braces are worth pursuing. 47% of Invisalign teen users surveyed had a boost of self-esteem in the process of treatment, as did 22% of teens with metal braces. Therefore, braces should be considered an investment in your child’s health and self-esteem along with being an oral health treatment. From asking about your latest dental insurance coverage to asking your orthodontist about various payment plans, affordable braces can be yours if you’re only willing to do the research and ask the appropriate questions. If you’re looking for an orthodontist that knows how to give you affordable braces without a reduction in quality, look no further than David Ross Orthodontics!