Common Orthodontic Treatments for Children

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, approximately 3.9 million kids in the United States are orthodontic patients. Does your child need orthodontics? You don’t have to be torn between different orthodontic treatments. Your orthodontist should assess your child and recommend the best option. Here are some common orthodontic treatments you should know about.

Full Braces

Full braces are a form of orthodontic care that treats children’s wide range of teeth problems. They entail wearing archwires and brackets. The orthodontist will use dental glue to apply brackets to your child’s teeth. The archwires administer pressure consistently and gently throughout the orthodontic treatment.

Braces are often made of strong stainless steel material and are a cost-effective orthodontic option for kids. Modern braces are small, comfortable, and available in various colors that appeal to children. An orthodontist can recommend limited phase braces inserted on a few teeth for kids that don’t need full braces.


Retainers are orthodontic devices that children wear inside their mouths. They help maintain the straight teeth alignment that children achieve after wearing braces. Children can wear retainers for a specific period based on the orthodontist’s recommendation. Retainers prevent teeth from slipping back to their previous positions. They are among the best orthodontic treatments to rectify minor orthodontic issues that don’t need braces.

Space Maintainers

Has your orthodontist identified a gap between a specific section in your child’s teeth that should be protected? They could recommend space maintainers. A space maintainer is a customized device that stops the surrounding teeth from blocking the space.

Some space maintainers can be removed. They are usually made from acrylic and resemble natural teeth. Other space maintainers like the distal shoe and the loop are fixed. They fit nicely on the teeth and come with metal pieces to protect the space in the mouth.

Palate Expanders

An overly small palate is one of the reasons children will need early orthodontic treatments. A small palate prevents the teeth from growing in proper alignment and can also manifest as a crossbite. If your child is experiencing such problems, consult your orthodontics expert early. A palate expander is designed to create enough space for teeth to develop.


An orthodontist can use a bionator to pull your child’s jaw forward. It is comprised of two fixed parts made of acrylic. One of the parts lies on the lower teeth, while the other leans behind the front teeth. Bionators are removable.

Are you looking for the ideal orthodontics treatment for your child? Discuss your child’s needs with David Ross Orthodontics, and we will recommend the right option.