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Common Reasons Children Need Braces

Many children and young people today have braces. They are a long-standing dental treatment that can be used to address a range of issues. Taking care of issues with teeth and gums as early as possible can help children have an easier time with their teeth down the road as adults. Braces help correct some major issues that can affect many key areas of life. The most common reasons why a young person may need braces are as follows:

Overbite Issues

Other than simple aesthetics, the main reason children get braces is an overbite. This dental condition occurs when the upper teeth are not aligned with an even bite but instead extend over the lower teeth. This can make things like eating and talking difficult, but braces can help pull teeth back into alignment.

Underbite Issues

The opposite of an overbite, an underbite occurs when the lower set of teeth in the jaw extends past the upper teeth. This is a condition that can also make eating and speaking difficult, and it can even cause problems with breathing at times. Braces are commonly used to shift the alignment back into place.

Spacing Issues

Sometimes the bite of the jaw and teeth are fine, but the teeth themselves are out of alignment. Gaps between teeth can be unsightly, but they can also lead to future issues. Orthodontists use braces to move teeth, so they are spaced properly and grow nice and straight.

Crowding Issues

Teeth can also get too cramped and crowded due to a child having a smaller jaw or too many teeth. Along with other dental interventions, braces can work to keep teeth spaced and aligned properly in the mouth. Sometimes a tooth or two may need to be removed to deal with overcrowding in the jawbone.

Combination Issues

Braces can also be used by dental experts to deal with any combination of these issues. Spacing and alignment issues can occur with an overbite or an underbite and any other combination of issues can also be seen. Braces make it easier for dental care experts to address these more complicated situations.

If you are worried about the health of your child’s teeth, or you have questions about braces, talk to your child’s orthodontist and see what they recommend. David Ross Orthodontics offers free orthodontic evaluations for children ages 7 and up.