Everything to Know About Braces For Kids

An overbite is the second most common reason why people get braces besides aesthetics in the U.S. While there is no specific age when one should get braces, kids braces are ideal for correcting any irregularities and improving the appearance of a child’s smile while their jaws and teeth are still developing. While the only way to know if your child may require kids braces is to visit an orthodontist, watching out for irregularities such as speech defects or your child’s baby teeth falling out earlier than expected will prompt you to seek professional care. Read on to learn everything you need to know about kids braces.

Why Are Kids Braces Important?

Apart from improving the aesthetics of your child’s smile, kids braces are known to promote better oral health by getting rid of overcrowded or overlapping teeth, which easily trap food particles. These food particles cause tooth decay if they are not removed. Unfortunately, with crowded teeth, children’s toothbrushes and floss can’t access some areas hence the need to correct them.

How Do Kids Braces Work?

Kids braces correct jaw and teeth irregularities by exerting sustained pressure for a given period. Typically, kids braces are made of brackets and wires, which are held together using elastic bands. In due time, the jaw adjusts to the pressure and takes the intended form. The good news is braces aren’t painful, but upon installation or adjustment, they can be a bit uncomfortable. This, however, should go away within a few days following the procedure.

How Many Types of Kids Braces Are There?

Unlike before, where one type was used to fix all problems, nowadays there are different options to choose from when it comes to kids braces, all differing in terms of size and features. Therefore, when it comes to selecting a particular type, your child’s specific needs and the effectiveness of the treatment are prioritized. However, this doesn’t dismiss important factors such as ease of care, aesthetics, and durability.

How Do You Take Care of Kids Braces?

After getting kids braces, your child must adopt an exceptional oral hygiene routine to avoid the lodgment of food particles which leads to tooth decay. This routine should include brushing after meals and flossing at least twice daily. Also, you can get them special orthodontic toothbrushes meant to help navigate even the most challenging areas to reach.

Are There Any Diet Restrictions?

Generally, your child isn’t supposed to consume sugary and starchy foods because when they lodge between gums and braces, they lead to tooth decay. Also, sticky foods not only loosen the braces but can also damage them.

With the above information, you are well equipped with what is expected of you once your child gets kids braces. However, be sure to visit a well-versed orthodontist for premium treatment. Contact our orthodontist Dr. David Ross for any inquiries.