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Get Adult Braces Because It’s Never Too Late to Enjoy a Beautiful Smile

Are you wondering if you are too old for braces? The answer is no. Adults of all ages deserve to have a beautiful smile as well as better overall health. Braces are more affordable today than ever before. There are also a variety of orthodontic solutions for adults of every age, including seniors.

The days of orthodontics only being for children and teens are long gone. Adults deserve to make their smiles happier and healthier. Affordable braces also provide a big boost in confidence in relationships and careers. The one thing adults seem to be most concerned about when it comes to getting braces is the length of time they will have to wear them.

How Long Will It Take to Get Straight Teeth?

On average, adults need to wear braces for about 2 years. Some adult patients may only need 12 months. Then there are other patients that require up to 3 years of treatment.

Ortho is not a solution with a one-size-fits-all answer. Every patient is unique. Only after an orthodontic exam can an orthodontist tell you how long treatment will last for you. There are also other factors that play into the length of time to straighten teeth as mentioned below.

Age Is a Factor

Children and teens typically get faster results since their jaws are still growing, which makes their teeth much easier to manipulate. So, age is a factor although perhaps not quite how you might think. People are also living longer.

More people are taking better care of their teeth. The idea of losing teeth isn’t as much the focus as trying to keep them. It makes sense to get braces to straighten crowded or crooked teeth which could negatively affect your health.

Did you know that teeth can still move at any age? Even healthy teeth shift. Are you facing an overcrowded or crooked smile even though your teeth were straightened with braces before? You may need them again. Some adults, particularly those that didn’t follow through wearing retainers, may need braces again when they are older.

There Are Several Options for Adult Treatment

Older patients that require ortho treatment have several options now. There are conventional metal braces, Invisalign, and clear ceramic braces. Each type offers a different length of time for treatment depending on the condition of your oral health.

The Severity of Your Case Is a Factor

A crucial factor in the length of time you will need to wear braces is the severity of your case. Mild issues such as crowding and spacing are an easy fix that typically takes a year or less. More severe cases will take longer.

Your orthodontist will discuss all of this with you to determine the best course of action. You may even be a good candidate for same-day braces. There’s nothing like getting started immediately when straightening your teeth to achieve better oral health.

Patient Compliance Is Important

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of time needed to straighten your teeth is a simple aspect, patient compliance. When you fully follow your orthodontists’ instructions, you are ensured successful treatment within a manageable time frame. This tends to include keeping your appointments, maintaining great oral hygiene, and using orthodontic appliances as instructed.

Schedule an Appointment to Determine How Long You Need to Wear Braces

The only true way to figure out how long you may need to wear braces is by scheduling an appointment with your local orthodontist. They will perform an all-inclusive exam and speak with you about creating a custom treatment plan. Before you know it, you will have the healthy, beautiful smile you have always wanted.