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Here Are Some Key Questions To Help You Choose The Right Local Orthodontist

Across the US, numerous people need braces, including children. Statistics show that almost 50% of children have minor and major teeth problems. The best way to know what dental issue a child has is by taking them for an orthodontic exam. After that, the orthodontist can recommend the right treatment.

With 20% of the population being born with some facial deformity, orthodontist visits should start as early as age seven. Once you schedule an appointment, there are some crucial questions you must ask.

Below are some of these key questions to ask the best local orthodontist.

1. What Are Your Qualifications And Experience?

An orthodontist requires two years of extra training to practice. They can also get a master’s degree in orthodontics that takes three years. Find out which qualification the specialist has before they conduct an orthodontic exam on your child. Avoid anyone who isn’t a trained expert in the field.

It’s also essential to ask how many years of experience they have. You can dive deeper and inquire about experience treating children. The answers you get will help you make the best decision for your child.

2. What Hours Are You Available?

As a parent, you must find an orthodontist with a schedule that fits your family’s busy life. The right specialist needs to have flexible working hours. Ask more about this and see how they compare to when you are available.

Additionally, talk to the orthodontist about emergency cases. Are they always available to handle these cases or not? The right fit would have flexible working hours and be able to respond to emergency cases promptly.

3. How Much Do You Charge?

Once you pinpoint the best place to get an orthodontic exam, learn more about price. Getting braces or Invisalign aligners isn’t cheap. During the initial exam, ask about the cost of treatment. Also, discuss payment options with the specialist.

Most orthodontics practices have flexible payment systems. But each one charges different prices for treatment. Learning the cost can help you plan your budget. More so, you can look into financing options and using insurance to pay.

4. What Are The Available Treatment Options?

Many kids need orthodontic care, but not all want traditional metal braces, which can take longer to work and can be uncomfortable. Let the expert know about these concerns during your child’s orthodontic exam. Once you disclose this, you can learn about treatment options, including the Invisalign aligners.

5. How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Every child who needs braces wants to know how long the treatment will take. It’s another crucial question to ask. Typically, treatment takes two years but can extend if the oral condition is severe. Let your child hear the inquiry and the answer.

Remember to ask how often they need to come in for orthodontic exams once they get same day braces. From the answer they give, your child can understand the schedule and why visits are important. Not to mention, it helps you adjust your schedule accordingly.

It’s Crucial To Start Treatment Early

Children must start orthodontic visits early. It helps your local orthodontist identify any dental problems and start treatment before they become complex conditions. Before picking an orthodontist, ask the critical questions mentioned above to avoid any surprises. To learn more information about the services offered at David Ross Orthodontics, contact our office today to book a free consultation.