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How Braces Can Fix Your Overbite and More

Many people erroneously think that braces are all about cosmetics and looking good. While this is usually the reason that people seek out braces, they also have practical uses that extend far beyond making a patient’s teeth straighter so that they can take better pictures. Overbites, underbites, jaw pain, and more can all be drastically reduced when competent orthodontists install braces on someone’s teeth.

In fact, the second most common reason for braces, besides aesthetics, is an overbite. Overbites are far too common in the general population and cause many people quite a lot of pain when they eat, drink, or speak. From chipping their teeth to occasionally hurting their tongue, it is an issue worth fixing. Let David Ross Orthodontics have a look at your mouth so that they can provide a friendly recommendation about how to fix your overbite or other issues while making your smile look great.

What Exactly Is an Overbite?

In case you aren’t aware of exactly what an overbite is, let’s straighten that out first. An overbite is commonly called an “overjet” by orthodontists and means that the top set of a patient’s teeth stick out over the bottom set. These misaligned sets of teeth can scrape each other, the gums, and generally wreak havoc on someone’s bite. Fixing an overbite with metal braces can depend on a number of factors, but most often comes down to the age of the patient and the severity of the overbite. Younger patients will still have a jaw that is growing and changing to accommodate, while older patients will have a fully formed jaw that must be arranged just so for proper results. Orthodontists are always trying to figure out the best solutions based on these changing factors.

There Are Multiple Ways to Fix Overbites

One of the most common ways to fix a mild overbite is with metal braces and rubber bands. Orthodontists are most familiar with this method because it is relatively painless to the patient and is easy to correct should something go wrong. In this scenario, the braces are outfitted with a little hook that a rubber band connects to the bottom and top sets of teeth. It functions in a way that pulls the top set of teeth back and bottom set forward over time, eventually correcting the bite issue while straightening the teeth. There are many videos online that illustrate this method, as it is one of the most common.

Severe Cases Can Be Complicated

Depending on how severe your overbite is, it can take orthodontists some time to figure out the best solution for fixing it. For older patients whose jaws are finished growing, sometimes they need solutions that are a little more pushy than just rubber bands. In this case, specialized devices known as Forsus Springs can be used to push and pull the sets of teeth so that they eventually align in the correct position. This method is usually used after braces have already been installed and worn for approximately a year so that the patient’s teeth don’t have too much force on them at once.

In some cases of severe overbites, orthodontists may recommend removing teeth and closing the gaps with braces. While this rarely happens, it may be an option for you or someone in your family to achieve a stellar smile. While other non-invasive solutions will usually be tried first, there is always hope to get a wonderful smile at the end of the day.

A Solution Is Within Your Reach

When you have a wonderful team of people to help you at David Ross Orthodontics, it’s no wonder that people flock from miles around to get treatment. Especially when you need help with fixing something as complex and challenging as an overbite, it’s a welcome relief to know that you’re in good hands. Whether you need rubber bands put on your braces or some Forsus Springs to complement your brackets, there is a solution for you so that your overbite can be corrected while achieving a truly amazing smile. Instead of waiting around for your mouth to magically take care of itself, book yourself a free consultation at David Ross Orthodontics today! Your smile and your bite will thank you later.