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How Braces Can Help You Correct More Than Just Overbites And Underbites

It’s estimated that about three million American and Canadian teens have braces. What’s more, the number of adults in need of braces is on the rise.

Braces can indeed do a lot for a patient’s oral health. They can help correct overbites, underbites and help space teeth out properly. Truly, there are many good reasons to visit an orthodontist and get braces today. But braces can do a lot more than just correct overbites and underbites.

More than Straight Teeth

Having misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite can affect a patient’s smile, but it can also have other effects. Braces can also:

  • Help treat jaw and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.
  • Help treat gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Help patients who have a hard time chewing and swallowing.
  • Help those who clench or grind their teeth.
  • Help patients who have sleep apnea and snore at night.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to get braces today. In the case of TMJ, it’s estimated that it affects between five and 12% of the population. Braces can help with TMJ by realigning a patient’s bite and correcting the position of the jaw and teeth.

Braces Can Also Address Gum Disease

Let’s look at another problem braces can address: gum disease. It’s estimated that nearly half of adults 30 and older suffer from some form of periodontal disease. Brushing and flossing daily can go a long way toward preventing gum disease, but getting braces with periodontal disease can be tricky.

Getting braces with gum disease is possible, but the gum disease must be controlled first. In some cases, braces can cause an increase in bacteria, especially around fixed braces.

The best thing you can do, no matter your age, is talk to your dentist, get a referral to local orthodontists, and discuss your options. If you need to get braces today for issues such as teeth misalignment and chewing and swallowing difficulty, an orthodontist can help you on your way to relief.

The good news, if you need to get braces today, is that there are many options for affordable braces to help correct your smile, fix your teeth, and improve your oral health.

If you’re dealing with an issue such as gum disease, an orthodontist can help, but may also recommend that you use other methods to get your gum disease under control before you get braces.