How Do Braces Fix Your Smile?

If your dentist said that you or your child could use braces, they might have noticed something about the position of your teeth. Catching this issue can help improve your quality of life and dental health in the future. Fortunately, orthodontic treatments like braces can help. Let’s take a deeper look at how orthodontics can fix your smile!

Correct Positioning

What happens with braces is that the orthodontist first sets brackets on the front of the patient’s teeth. Metal is most commonly used, however, in recent years, ceramic braces have also risen in popularity. Then they run a wire through the upper brackets and do the same with the lower ones. Over the course of time, this treatment method will begin to shift your teeth to the proper position. Braces work great for a variety of issues because they’re so customizable to unique issues that may arise as you progress through your treatment.

Tightening Wires

When the orthodontist is tightening your wires, it’s to slowly shift the teeth at a manageable rate. It typically takes no more than two years of wire tightening to get your teeth into place. This method is great for impacted or crowded teeth. Invisalign, while a great option for many, isn’t the best option in every case since the trays aren’t designed to be strong enough to move teeth that have severe malocclusions. It’s best to consult with your orthodontic team to figure out which would be best for your situation.

Continued Adjustments

While some people might not be happy about having a mouthful of braces, mainly teenagers who are worried about the state of their social life, they’ll be thrilled at how their teeth look when they do get the braces off. While it’s a relatively straightforward process, some steps may need to be taken afterward to solidify the changes. For example, it’s always best to wear a retainer at night following the completion of your braces treatment to keep your teeth from shifting back over time.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the second most common reason for braces, besides aesthetics, is an overbite. Regardless of your reasoning for needing them, braces can help you achieve a smile you want to show off! Are you looking to get orthodontics for yourself or your child? Contact us today!