How Invisalign Boosts Self Esteem

Invisalign aligners are becoming a more popular option for straightening teeth, and there’s a good reason. They’re great for patient self-esteem because of their transparency. According to a survey by PR Newswire, 47% of teenagers with Invisalign experience a boost in self-esteem during their treatment compared to teenagers with metal braces. Therefore, Invisalign is a better option in general, but let’s discover how they increase confidence in everyone!

Better Oral Health

People get their teeth fixed for aesthetic reasons, but it’s also for their oral health, as crooked teeth can lead to problems because you can’t brush correctly. This can hurt your mouth further. But with Invisalign aligners improving smiles slowly, people have experienced confidence boosts as their oral hygiene becomes easier and uncomplicated.

Appearance and Comfort

Some teenagers or adults hate the idea of braces because they’ll be known as “metalheads,” but Invisalign aligners change the game. They are transparent and barely noticeable. You can also take them out to eat, so there won’t be uncomfortable social interactions. Your self-esteem will increase as your teeth align and because you don’t have something permanent in your mouth.

Better for a Professional Setting

Regular braces are simply not ideal if you have to present a project or make a speech, and that’s why some adults avoid fixing their smiles altogether. However, Invisalign ensures that you remain more professional-looking and won’t worry about smiling too much. A beautiful smile is great for this type of situation, as confidence often convinces and attracts people. They will listen to you more.

The Treatment is Easier to Follow

Unfortunately, going to the orthodontist is seen as a chore for teens and adults, and metal wires often hurt, get damaged, or even injure your mouth. This takes a toll on self-esteem and the patient’s mental health.

But Invisalign aligners are the solution. It’s easier to follow this treatment because you don’t have something permanent in your mouth. Furthermore, some people have a better time maintaining their oral health thanks to clear aligners because of their practicality, leading to more confidence and better mental health.

Now that you know how Invisalign aligners can increase your self-esteem, it’s time to decide and get your smile fixed. If you’re still unsure, you can visit David Ross Orthodontics and get all your questions answered so you can start your journey to excellent oral health now.