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How Invisalign Can Erase Your Orthodontic Fears

A lot of people are scared of the orthodontist. They have their hands in your mouth, and they leave things there – braces and other metal objects that will sit on your teeth. And according to Kids Health, the average time you’ll need to wear your braces is about 2 years. It is no wonder why Invisalign services and other metal-free options for tooth alignment have become so popular over the last decade.

The Orthodontist is Your Ally

There’s always a lot of uncertainty and fear in visiting any doctor’s office, but especially a specialist like an orthodontist – “white coat hypertension” is a real medical condition where people are more anxious at a medical office. You can be assured that your orthodontist’s goal is to make sure that you have the best version of your smile: one with straight, healthily aligned teeth. Your mouth and jaw will be able to function properly after treatment. Your orthodontic treatment will help you breathe, eat, and talk more easily and comfortably.

Modern Orthodontics Are Less Permanent & Painful Than Before

One of the major causes of orthodontist fear is braces. They get glued onto your teeth and are non-removable, which fills up space in your mouth and alters the way you talk. Invisalign services are a solution to this. Aligners resemble a thin, hard, plastic retainer that you can remove from your mouth for eating and drinking. Invisalign interrupts your lifestyle far less than traditional brackets and actually can correct tooth misalignment much more quickly than braces. Talk to us about your goals for your orthodontic treatment and we’ll see if Invisalign services are the right solution for you.

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