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How Invisalign Differs From Other Orthodontic Treatment Methods

Due to continuous advancements in the dentistry field, there are now several orthodontic treatment methods that people use to straighten their teeth. Of all the options, Invisalign has emerged as an ideal solution for repositioning inappropriately-spaced teeth minus the need for wires or brackets. So, why is this method popular among those looking for confident and gorgeous smiles? Here are five reasons why Invisalign is different from other teeth alignment methods.

1. Maintains Natural Look

Invisalign will enable you to maintain your natural appearance. The Invisalign aligner is clear and virtually unnoticeable by other people. You will retain your bright smile without others noticing you’re undergoing teeth-straightening treatment unless one is very close to you. If you’re a person that fancies an active or social lifestyle, Invisalign is the right option for you. It’s different from braces where the wires and brackets are there for everyone to see.

2. No Meal Restrictions

When using other teeth alignment options, you won’t be allowed to consume certain foods until the treatment period is over. With braces, you have to avoid starchy, sugary, sticky, chewy, and hard foods. But with Invisalign, you can continue enjoying your favorite diets. During meal times, you take Invisalign aligners off, eat and/or drink, brush your teeth, and then return the aligners to continue with the treatment.

3. More Comfortable

Invisalign aligners are more comfortable in the mouth and easy to wear and remove. That’s because they are made of SmartTrack material. This next-gen material is highly elastic and provides a gentle, constant force to control teeth movements. It also adapts to tooth morphology, attachments, and interdental areas to enhance the control of teeth movement. Conventional tray materials tend to relax and lose a considerable amount of energy in the first few days of wearing the aligner.

4. Ideal for More Complex Malocclusion Cases

Invisalign teeth alignment method is capable of resolving complicated teeth problems such as misaligned bite and crooked teeth. This is due to SmartForce attachments that orthodontists add to the aligners at the beginning of the treatment. These small tooth-colored attachments help the aligners apply the correct amount of force and in the intended direction. They are like handles that give Invisalign aligners something to push on until the desired results are obtained.

5. Time-Saving

The Invisalign treatment period is shorter than the rest of the traditional teeth-alignment options. When you use this method, you will see full results from as early as six months, or the period can extend up to 18 months, depending on your teeth problems. However, complex malocclusion cases can take up to two years. The earliest that an option like braces takes is 18 months and can go up to three years.

Also, you won’t need to visit your orthodontist regularly. The Invisalign aligners have to be changed on a bi-weekly basis, but the orthodontist can give you other aligners to change them yourself. You can only go to the orthodontics office for monitoring. With braces, you’ll have an appointment with your orthodontist at least every six weeks to change the wires or loose brackets.

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