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How to Survive the Holidays with Braces

The holidays are an excellent time to catch up, dine, and have fun with friends and family. However, people with braces have to be extra careful with whatever they do. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, four million Americans wear braces today. If you’re one of them, here’s how to survive the holidays with braces.


Prepare Yourself


One way to survive the holidays with braces is to prepare yourself. The preparation should include packing essentials to ensure you carry everything you’ll need to take care of your braces. It would help if you packed essential things for your oral hygiene, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouth washer.


Eat Selectively


Holiday foods are mouthwatering and tempting. Nevertheless, you’ll have to eat selectively if you want to survive the holiday with braces. It would be best to avoid sweet food that can stick on your braces and cause cracks or decay. Foods to avoid include hard cookies, hard nuts, biscuits, and candies.


Fortunately, there are certain treats that will help to protect the integrity of your braces. These include soft cookies and chocolate, cupcakes, ice cream, and other soft foods.


Eat Carefully


Apart from eating selectively, eating carefully will help you survive the holidays with braces. Cut your food into small chunks, then eat them slowly and carefully. This will lessen the likelihood of breaking your braces.


Brush Your Teeth Regularly


Many people are often tempted to avoid routine oral hygiene during the holidays. Consuming lots of sugary food during the holidays increases the chances of tooth decay and damage to your braces. It would be best to brush your teeth not too long after eating. Also, remember to floss your teeth two times a day. This will help to protect your teeth and braces.


Follow Your Orthodontist’s Instructions


Laxity during the holidays can negatively affect your journey to a beautiful smile. You’ll achieve the benefits of braces only if you adhere to all your orthodontist’s instructions and recommendations. Follow all your orthodontist’s instructions. This will prevent emergencies and allow you to take care of your teeth while enjoying quality time with your loved ones.


Taking care of your braces during the holidays is important in protecting their integrity. Contact David Ross Orthodontics if you have any questions or issues with your braces or teeth during the holidays.