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Is Invisalign Right for Your Teen? 5 Factors to Consider

If your teen has an overbite, crooked teeth, or gaps in their smile, you probably already know that they need braces. However, teens nowadays rarely want traditional metal braces. Most teens have heard about Invisalign -— nearly invisible teeth straightening trays -— and have probably already asked you for them. While local Invisalign treatments can be very affordable, metal braces are typically less expensive. So, you may be hesitant to invest in the more expensive of the two. Before you decide on braces versus Invisalign though, you should consider five different factors that could make the issue of money a moot point. Here’s what they are.

Your Teen Has All Their Permanent Teeth

If your child has all of their permanent teeth, a local Invisalign treatment could be the way to go. Invisalign will straighten their smile and close any gaps. Baby teeth, on the other hand, will move and fall out. That means the clear, plastic trays may not fit as they’re intended to, and the treatment may need to be delayed or, even worse, repeated. During an Invisalign treatment, the plastic trays are switched out weekly or biweekly depending on your teen’s teeth. If baby teeth are still present, there will be shifting that could disrupt the straightening process.

Your Teen Is Responsible

If you’ve ever had braces, you probably already know that you have to practice good oral hygiene and avoid certain foods to get the best results. A local Invisalign treatment can require more responsibility to ensure results. Your teen will remove their Invisalign during meals, so they can eat virtually anything. However, they will need to brush and floss thoroughly to ensure that no food particles end up trapped in the trays, which can lead to cavities or other problems. Your teen will also need to keep up with the schedule of orthodontist appointments -— every 4-8 weeks -— and switching out trays, as well as regularly cleaning their trays. They must also wear Invisalign 20-22 hours per day. So, if you have a forgetful teen who tends to lose everything or doesn’t practice good oral hygiene, Invisalign might be a little too much responsibility. Perhaps delay the treatment or go with traditional braces instead.

Your Teen Is Self-Conscious

Let’s face it -— being a teenager is tough. You have to deal with hormones, growth spurts, acne, and all sorts of other potentially embarrassing changes. Some teens view metal braces as just one more factor that can make them unattractive. However, Invisalign treatments consist of clear, hardly detectable trays that can be removed for pictures or big events, such as prom or homecoming. You can also remove them to eat, and they’re more comfortable than metal braces. In fact, 47% of Invisalign teen users surveyed had a boost in their self-esteem as opposed to just 22% of teens with metal braces.

Your Teen Cares About Their Smile

If your teen couldn’t care less about the way their teeth look, a local Invisalign treatment may not be for them. However, if your teen is invested in getting a straighter, healthier-looking smile, they will be more likely to take proper care of their teeth during treatment. Invisalign can give them the results they want in a shorter amount of time, typically 9-12 months.

Your Teen Plays Sports or Instruments

If your teen plays sports or instruments, Invisalign can be better than metal braces. Your teen can simply remove Invisalign while they play. That means they won’t have to worry about painful cuts or bleeding that happens if they get hit in the mouth. It also means that their musical ability won’t be affected by cumbersome braces that make it difficult to play an instrument or even sing.

A local Invisalign treatment from a reputable orthodontist can give your teen a beautiful smile and lasting results. However, the treatment will only be successful if you have a teen who is willing to commit a little bit of time and energy to proper care. Be sure that they’re mature enough for this important responsibility before investing in Invisalign and they’ll be well on their way to having a happy and healthy smile for years to come. For more information and to book a free Invisalign consultation with David Ross Orthodontics, visit our website today!