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Laser Treatment


Laser Treatment

Do you feel like your gums cover up too much of your teeth? Your gum tissue frames your teeth and we can use orthodontic lasers to sculpt your gums around your teeth to improve your smile and speed up your treatment.

The best part of laser treatment is that most of the time, there aren’t any needles. You’ll have your gum tissue numbed with a topical anesthetic so all you’ll feel is the slight movement of the laser tip.

The Procedure

We only reshape gums when it will help your treatment. First, we numb your gums with a topical jelly. After your gums are numb, Dr. Ross will sculpt your gums to the right size and shape. All you feel is of the movement of the laser.

When the numbness wears off, you probably won’t even be sore. You might need some Tylenol or Ibuprofen. The area will look a little ragged the first day and may bleed when you brush your teeth, but the area should heal within a few days.


Reasons for Laser Treatment

Ideal Bracket Positioning

Your gums may not have receded enough for Dr. Ross to place brackets correctly. By reshaping your gums with the laser, we can place your brackets in the best position to move your teeth.

The result: less time in braces, fewer appointments, less hassle. You save time and money.


Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth don’t grow through the gums. Sometimes teeth grow right up to the surface, but can’t poke through.

In the past, the only options for treating impacted teeth were to wait for teeth to grow more, or expensive surgery. With laser treatment, it’s a problem we can fix quickly and easily.



A frenum is a band of tissue that connects a movable tissue from a less movable tissue such as the band that connects your upper lip to your gums.

Sometimes the frenum is bulky or attaches too far down between your upper front teeth, creating space problems. It also doesn’t look good.

A frenectomy removes excess frenum tissue and moves the attachment higher for a better look.


Excessive Gums

Sometimes your gums extend too far down the upper front teeth. This makes your teeth look small and oddly shaped.

Reshaping excess gums and dramatically improve your smile.


Keeping You First

Laser orthodontics is one of many advances Dr. Ross uses every day to give you the best result faster, easier, and for less money.