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Orthodontist Exams and How They’re Conducted

Are you having issues with the proper alignment of teeth? That can be addressed through orthodontics. This is the branch of dentistry that handles issues with teeth alignment. In most instances, orthodontic treatment starts around the ages of eight to 14 but between the ages of six and 12 is around the time issues like abnormal bites start being noticeable, according to Mouth Healthy. If you visit the orthodontist, the first thing that will happen is that you will go through an orthodontist consultation and exam. Read on to find out how orthodontist exams are conducted.

What Happens at an Orthodontic Exam

Depending on what condition you are dealing with, there are several things that can be done during an orthodontist exam. Once you make an appointment, the orthodontist will follow a series of steps to ensure that your teeth are beautiful and they fit together properly. As you prepare for your appointment, you can expect the following.

Medical History

Before the orthodontist starts investigating the exact issue you are concerned about, they will first want to know about any past medical conditions. They will also look into your medical history to try and figure out anything that could have affected the normal growth and arrangement of your teeth. Before getting started, the orthodontist will also make sure that the teeth and supporting bones are healthy. During this initial consultation and exam, you must also let your orthodontist know that you are ready to start treatment right away.

Examination and Imaging

Once the medical history and physical checks are complete, your orthodontist will then move on to start more detailed tests of orthodontist exams. For instance, they can use a variety of imaging techniques to get a better idea of what’s happening with your teeth. They can use x-rays and digital scans to get images of your teeth.

Coming Up With A Treatment Plan

There are several methods that can be used to correct teeth alignment issues. During your orthodontist exams, your doctor will figure out the best technique for your condition. They will then discuss the potential types of treatment with you and how long each treatment can take. They can also show you what the result will be, which is what you are more interested in. Common techniques used by orthodontists include braces and Invisalign.

These are some of the things that constitute an orthodontist exam. Once the orthodontist figures out a way to address your problem, you can begin treatment. All you need to do after that is to go for regular checkups and orthodontist exams.