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Protect Your Teeth and Ease the Pain of TMJ With Invisalign

Up to 5% to 12% of people have TMJ – temporomandibular joint dysfunction. There are quite a few symptoms with side effects that could indicate you are suffering from this condition. TMJ can leave you feeling tenderness and pain in the jaw area or around the ear. It could cause you to have trouble opening and closing your mouth and chewing. You may also hear a popping or clicking sound in your jaw and it could lock up. It is even possible that you experience ringing in your ears. Tension headaches are also another side effect that happens when you grind your teeth while sleeping. Visible indications that you may be suffering from TMJ are gum recession, eroded enamel, and cracked teeth.

Think of TMJ as a sliding hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull. The disorder itself could be caused by either a jaw injury, bad jaw alignment, or arthritis. Have you found that you grind your teeth or clench them a lot? That only makes the problem worse. Women may experience TMJ during their child-bearing years due to a magnesium deficiency. No matter why you suffer from TMJ, it is important to understand that there are TMJ treatments out there that can help.

Turn to Orthodontics for Treating TMJ

You don’t have to suffer from TMJ. Make an appointment with our Hanover orthodontist to speak with them about your condition. Invisalign aligners could relieve some symptoms of TMJ. How can this be? Part of suffering from TMJ is grinding your teeth while sleeping, otherwise known as sleep bruxism which inflames TMJ. Invisalign aligners work to realign lower and upper jaws so there is less pain opening and closing your mouth to speak and chew properly. Wearing Invisalign aligners helps with many other orthodontic issues too such as crowded teeth, crossbite, open bite, overbite, crooked teeth, and gaps in teeth.

Don’t Put off Speaking With Our Orthodontist

An orthodontic exam is your first step in learning more about aligners that could help treat your TMJ symptoms. TMJ can actually put you at greater risk for gum disease and cavities if you’re in too much pain to keep up with oral hygiene. That’s why speaking with our orthodontist about Invisalign is important. Invisalign aligners are produced to perfectly fit your teeth so you can get back to feeling better and taking greater care of your oral health.

Is There a Certain Doctor That Is Better for TMJ Treatment?

It is important to understand that an orthodontist cannot diagnose you with TMJ. They can, however, provide you with sets of aligners that may help. Invisalign aligners are special, and it takes choosing the right orthodontist to get the correct aligners. It takes a certified premier provider to deliver Invisalign aligner treatments that are right for you. Dr. David Ross is a VIP Platinum Provider of Invisalign.

Protect Your Smile

The benefits of using Invisalign aligner sets can protect your smile. The aligners themselves help protect your teeth when grinding them and also keep them aligned, or align them at the very same time. These clear trays are perfect for wearing while you sleep since they provide the cushion between teeth so they are not scraping against one another. It is also the perfect amount of cushion that can ease pain and slow down joint damage that would otherwise happen with the grinding of teeth.

Other benefits include eliminating pain within your face, jaw, and neck. You’ll also be reprogramming the muscles that cause you to grind your teeth. Instead, you will be conditioning your jaw and mouth muscles to perform more efficiently while relieving TMJ symptoms.

Aligned Teeth Help Ease TMJ

Teeth that are properly aligned allow the temporomandibular joint to open and close as it should without any deterioration or pain. Correctly aligned teeth take away any stress and strain to eliminate the irritation that comes with TMJ. Ease the headaches and pain of TMJ with a simple solution otherwise known as Invisalign from our Hanover orthodontist Dr. David Ross.