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Retainers: How to Wear and Care For Them

Retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment and can be beneficial for many people. Wearing retainers correctly is the best way to ensure that your teeth stay in their new position and do not move back. Retainers need to be worn regularly and with care, so they remain in good condition and continue to work effectively. Here are some tips from orthodontists on how to wear them correctly.

1. Wear Your Retainer as Directed

Orthodontists recommend that you wear your retainer full-time for one week post-orthodontic treatment. After this, you may wear it only at night and remove it during the day so you can speak and eat normally. Always follow your orthodontist’s instructions to ensure that your teeth stay in their new position.

2. Clean Your Retainer Regularly

Your orthodontist will also recommend a daily routine for cleaning and caring for your retainer. Always brush it regularly with a soft toothbrush and mild soap, then rinse it with cold water. Additionally, orthodontists suggest soaking the retainer in a special dental solution for about 15 minutes once a week.

3. Store Your Retainer Safely

When you’re not wearing your retainer, orthodontists suggest storing it in a protective case. Storage helps keep it clean and safe from damage when you are not wearing it. It also makes sure that the retainer doesn’t get lost or thrown away accidentally.

4. Replace Your Retainer Regularly

Over time, orthodontists recommend replacing your retainer. This can help prevent it from becoming too worn or damaged to be effective. If you notice any cracks, chips, or other signs of damage on the retainer, orthodontists suggest replacing it as soon as possible.

Retainers are a regular part of orthodontic treatment, and it’s vital to wear them correctly. By following these tips from orthodontists, you can ensure that your retainer is working properly and helping keep your teeth in their new position. If you have any questions or concerns about wearing retainers, contact our office today.