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The Dangers of Mail-Order Braces

Mail-order braces are becoming the next big thing. Today, it is estimated that between 50-70% of people could benefit from orthodontic treatment. Mail-order aligner braces offer you a sweet deal and a perfect smile without paying high orthodontist fees or having to go to the orthodontist’s office frequently. While this sounds promising, there are dangers that these mail order aligners can bring.

5 Dangers of Mail-Order Align Braces

1. Results Not Guaranteed

Mail-order aligners are not always guaranteed to give you the results you want. Additionally, they aren’t for everyone. Your orthodontist can examine your teeth to make sure you have no risks. Those at-home kits cannot do that and may leave you with worse dental issues than you already have, thus forcing you back into your orthodontist’s arms.

2. No Exams

Those offering mail-order braces boast that they alleviate the stress of sitting in the orthodontist’s chair. Using these kits, you’ll only need photos or putty impressions of your teeth to get you started. Many forget your orthodontist does more than just fit you with braces; they take care of your oral health, as well as detect diseased gums and tooth decay that can result in tooth loss if untreated.

3. No Supervisions

With mail-order braces home kits, you are sent your aligner therapy program, and that is it. Seems ideal, right? Not if a problem with your teeth arises during the treatment. An orthodontist will check your overall progress, so if anything needs attention or correction, they are there to catch it right away.

4. Damage to Your Teeth

As mentioned, these mail-order clear aligners carry the risk of causing more damage to your teeth. The most common issues associated are damage to teeth and gums from ill-fitting aligners and rapid tooth movement.

5. It Actually Costs More Money

In some cases, mail-order braces can cost more than seeing your regular orthodontist, who can do it for you effectively. Many at-home kits do not mention the additional costs should you need aligner replacements, additional aligners should the teeth therapy process take longer than the six months they recommend, or if they require dental x-rays.

Overall, your teeth are the only set you have, so make sure to do some research before applying anything to your teeth, even when picking an orthodontist, to get the best care for your teeth. Contact David Ross Orthodontics if you have more questions about mail-order braces.