We Can Help

We can help your child quit their thumb sucking habit. Thumb sucking can cause many orthodontic problems, such as open bite and constricted upper jaw.

Thumb sucking actually changes the shapes of the upper jaw as it grows. The sooner your child stops sucking their thumb, the better.

How can my child stop sucking their thumb on their own?

There are a few different things you can try to stop your child’s thumb sucking.

You can try putting something that tastes bad on your child’s thumb. Make sure that whatever your use is non-toxic.

You can also try using thumb guards. There are plastic guards that cover your child’s thumb. They can be wrapped around your child’s wrist which will make it difficult for them to remove.


How Can An Orthodontic Thumb Guard From David Ross Orthodontics Help?

We’ve never met a child that we couldn’t help stop sucking their thumb. We think that habit appliances like an orthodontic thumb guard are the way to stop the habit.

These are appliances that are temporarily placed in your child’s mouth and will stay in place until your child breaks the habit.