Tips For Estimating How Long Your Braces Treatment Will Last

Getting braces might seem like the worst thing in the world, but they are necessary for your health, not just for aesthetics. There are tons of benefits, and adult braces are becoming even more popular these days. However, people always wonder how long they will have to worry. The timeframe varies. According to Healthline, a person will have to wear braces for 24 months to complete their treatment. But there are many other factors that could influence this amount of time, and here are some tips that will help give you an estimate.

It Depends on the State of Your Teeth

The most important factor that will determine how long you’ll need braces is how crooked your teeth are. It can take anywhere from one to three years. But depending on your smile, it might be an even shorter amount of time.

The Way You Bite Always Plays a Role

Aside from a crooked smile, you might have an irregular bite, which is how your top teeth align with your bottom teeth. If they don’t align properly, you might need to spend more time with braces.

The Type of Braces You Use

The timeframe will vary depending on the kind of braces you use, as there are several different options on the market. The most common, metal braces, involve brackets on your teeth that will slowly pull them in the right directions. Then, you will find clear aligners, which consist of removable trays that you can take out to eat. They adapt to your smile and have to be changed every couple of weeks as your teeth start moving. Lingual braces are another option, and they feature brackets, too, but they glue them behind your teeth.

Other Factors

There are other contributing factors that will affect how long you will need braces. Rubber bands, which are normally used with braces to align people’s jaws, can help speed up the process. Palatal expanders that are used to widen your jaw also may be needed, depending on your situation.

Your orthodontist will determine exactly what you need, and they’ll give you an estimated timeframe as well. At David Ross Orthodontics, we will make sure you get the best treatment possible. To set up a consultation, contact us today!