Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Orthodontist

A smile is an essential aspect of your appearance and thus deserves the best orthodontic care. And in the middle of your busy schedules, you may end up forgetting that the overall dental health of your family is paramount. This is why you need to have a specific orthodontist taking care of your family.

Having a specific family orthodontist comes with a host of benefits that most people aren’t aware of. Below are five reasons why you should hire the best family orthodontist.

1. More Convenience

Schedules for most families are already packed. When going to see your orthodontist, driving through traffic in the city is an unpleasant and time-consuming experience. However, things are a lot easier when you have a family orthodontist. Instead of commuting to different orthodontics professionals in different places, you can set your appointments as a family at one clinic. You’ll end up saving time and streamlining the visitations.

2. You Can Undertake Treatment Together

When you have the best family orthodontist, you can choose to commence your treatment as a family. This will help you keep track of your progress and make the teeth straightening process exciting. If both the kids and parents have removable orthodontic appliances like Invisalign aligners, they can take them off and put them back concurrently so that no one forgets. If using braces, the family members can take meals together and avoid foods that are prohibited.

3. Personal and Trustworthy Relationship

By going to the same orthodontics office, the medical expert gets to know all the family members well. If you already have a doctor who monitors your family, you understand how beneficial this is. When the orthodontist offers professional advice concerning your oral health, you trust what they say since it’s based on a comprehensive understanding of the family’s collective needs. It will also be easier to open up about your fears or concerns.

4. Long-term Support and Education

The best family orthodontist possesses extensive knowledge of their profession and can provide lifelong support for patients of all ages. The best family orthodontist is flexible to help an older adult learn to seamlessly switch to any orthodontic treatment method or teach a kid how to floss or brush their teeth properly.

The orthodontist will also advise on the best diet, toothpaste selection, daily oral care, and much more based on your family orthodontic problems and needs. They will provide periodic updates about your family’s oral health, plus cutting-edge technologies and practices relevant to the family’s oral care.

5. Helps Overcome Dental Anxiety and Phobia

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends parents should take their children for their initial orthodontic exam at age seven. That’s because permanent teeth start developing around that time, and the orthodontist can easily spot any orthodontic problems at their inceptive stages.

Having a family orthodontist helps eliminate dental anxiety and phobia in children — and even some adults. The anxiety and phobia may delay or make patients avoid orthodontic treatment altogether. If a family member has any of the two conditions, collective checkups at the best family orthodontist will help them to relax and gain confidence in the process.

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