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What Bad Habits Are Harming Your Teeth?

According to Mouth Healthy, abnormal bites are usually noticeable sometime between the ages of six and twelve. This means that most people will see the orthodontist for the first time between ages seven and fourteen. When you go to an orthodontist office, you will often have problems that were detected by your orthodontist. Here are a few habits that can harm your teeth.

Overindulging in Sugary Foods

Sugar is known for its ability to eat away at the enamel in your teeth. Though a sugary snack once in a while won’t have any major consequences, continuously eating sugary foods as you pass through the day will wear on your teeth. Over time, you will begin to face some consequences.

Using Your Teeth as Tools

When you use your teeth to tear at a piece of string or the old party trick of removing a bottle cap with your mouth, you can chip or break them easily. Make sure that you’re using your teeth for chewing, not for prying or cutting. Damaging your teeth through misuse can lead to major health problems down the road.

Snacking Frequently

Snacking is fine in moderation. But if you see yourself eating too many snacks too frequently throughout the day, it may be a sign of a brewing dental problem. Making sure that your snacks are healthy is part of the solution. The other part is making sure you’re not snacking at all hours of the day just to have something to do.

Grinding Teeth

Grinding teeth, also called bruxism, is when you gnash or grind your teeth together as a habit. It can be a conscious decision or subconscious, but either way, it is harmful to your teeth. Bruxism can cause pain, tooth fracture, headache, and in extreme cases, TMJ syndrome. If bruxism is a problem for you, a night guard might be the solution, and you can discuss it with your orthodontist.

Brushing Too Hard

Everyone knows that regularly brushing your teeth twice a day is a healthy habit that should be maintained. But if you brush your teeth too hard, you could be hurting them. Brushing too hard could cause your gums to recess or your enamel to wear down, and either of them could make your teeth hurt or just be more sensitive. Any way you look at it, overbrushing can be a problem.

If you’re looking at any of these habits thinking that they describe you, it may be time to pay a visit to a trustworthy orthodontic office. Making habits that promote healthy teeth now will keep your teeth healthy for years to come. Contact David Ross Orthodontics today if you’re looking for guidance on how to care for your teeth properly.