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What Goes on Below the Surface of Your Mouth

Two-thirds of what goes on in your mouth is below the surface. Most people are just concerned about having straight teeth and pearly whites, however, oral health goes far beyond that. That is why orthodontists use x-rays. Orthodontists use x-rays to check below the surface of the mouth to look for extra teeth, missing teeth, impacted teeth or teeth coming into the wrong positions. To learn more about the importance of x-rays keep reading from Dr. David Ross at David Ross Orthodontics.

Looking below the surface is so important because some things may be hiding in your mouth that can only be seen through x-rays. Impacted teeth may prevent adult teeth from “erupting”, or growing into your mouth properly. An impacted tooth can even harm the roots of nearby teeth, cause crowding and other teeth to move into unhealthy positions.

It is often easier for an orthodontist to identify and correct a problem when it is forming rather than waiting for it to fully develop. If you do have an orthodontic problem below the surface, an early check up and x-ray may help you avoid more costly, invasive treatments in the future. It is recommended that a child sees an orthodontist by age 7. Your oral health is just as important as the other parts of your body! To schedule an appointment or to learn more about an orthodontic visit, please contact our office.