What You Need to Know Before You Get Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common kind of braces orthodontists use on patients. They have many advantages that make them worth considering as a treatment option. This is what you should know about getting traditional braces.

Advantages of Metal Braces

Metal braces tend to be more effective than other treatment options. In addition, they’re less expensive as well. Because they’re made with metal, they’re much stronger to have on your teeth. Other options like ceramic or plastic brackets break more easily. With metal braces, your orthodontist is able to have more control to help your teeth move little by little. Best of all, they’re always on your teeth. So you don’t have to worry about misplacing them, and you don’t have to deal with the cost of replacing them like you would with Invisalign. Also, some issues can’t be fixed by Invisalign. Metal braces are able to correct any issue, whether it’s minor or serious. Besides aesthetics, did you know the second most common reason people get braces is for an overbite?

Additionally, they’re more affordable than all other orthodontic treatment options. You can enjoy having them in many different colors and designs. Lastly, you may not have to wear them long, as this treatment tends to be faster than all the other options.

Challenges With Metal Braces

A minor disadvantage is that these are visible for others to see as opposed to Invisalign aligners. The maintenance of them can require a lot of work, such as consistently wearing your bands, and avoiding certain foods that could damage them. For example, you’ll have to avoid eating crunchy foods such as nuts and hard candy. You also have to avoid eating sticky and chewy foods like gummy candy or licorice. In particular, foods that you have to bite hard into like apples have to be avoided as well. So you will be restricted a little bit in your food choices.

Braces have to be tightened from time to time, which can sometimes make eating a little uncomfortable at first. Brushing will have to be done a little bit longer, flossing might be difficult, and you’ll have to use a special mouthwash regularly.

Time Wearing Metal Braces

The amount of time a patient has to wear metal braces varies. If your teeth happen to be very misaligned, the length of time will be longer. Orthodontists will give you an estimate of how long it’ll take. The estimate can always adjust to a sooner time if your teeth are moving along quicker than the orthodontist expected. For children and teens, it’ll typically take around two years. For adults who wore braces as a teen, but now have teeth out of alignment again, it’ll take six months to a year.

Metal braces have their fair share of challenges. But they also have many more advantages than other orthodontic treatment options. With metal braces, you’ll be able to correct any teeth issues you have and do it at an affordable cost.