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Why Aren’t Orthodontic Treatments as Utilized as They Should Be?

Orthodontic treatments such as aligners, braces, and retainers help people address issues related to their crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth. Despite their usefulness, those treatments are still underutilized. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, around 50 – 75% of people could use orthodontic treatment of some kind, but the number of individuals who use them is well below that. Find out why orthodontics is still underutilized by reading below.

Orthodontic Treatments Are Suitable for Young Children

When it comes to kids, some parents are wary of going overboard with how protective they are. They don’t want to overreact to every issue their child presents. However, parents may have to change their approach if their child is complaining about an orthodontic issue.

Leaving a child’s orthodontic issues unaddressed could lead to significant complications. Those issues may cause pain and affect your child’s quality of life. If your child is dealing with some kind of orthodontic problem, don’t hesitate to take them to an orthodontist. Kids can already receive orthodontics by their 7th birthday so don’t deny them the medical intervention they need.

An Orthodontic Treatment Could Address Your Health Problems

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by stop-and-start breathing that occurs while an individual is asleep. The aforementioned condition can cause fatigue, liver issues, and even heart problems. It’s also a condition that may be related in part to your orthodontic issues.

If you have misaligned or missing teeth, your tongue may not rest properly inside your mouth while you’re sleeping. With your tongue no longer resting in its proper position, it could block your airway. You may suffer from sleep apnea because of that.

Orthodontic treatments can fix your misaligned or missing teeth. It will help reposition your tongue whenever you’re fast asleep. Seek the assistance of an orthodontist so you can address your sleep apnea and protect yourself from the complications of that condition.

Orthodontic Treatments Are Easy to Manage

Not enough people are taking advantage of orthodontics because they’re wary of the maintenance work they need to put in. There’s no denying the fact that orthodontic treatments require maintenance, but the process is fairly simple. For the most part, proper care just involves practicing basic oral hygiene and avoiding sugary treats. If your treatment needs extra care, your orthodontist can tell you about it.

Orthodontic treatments can help people effectively address a wide variety of issues. Failing to take advantage of the benefits they provide would be a shame. Reach out to David Ross Orthodontics today if you wish to learn more about those treatments and how they can help with your current condition!