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Why Braces Are an Amazing Investment in Your Health

When asked in a survey, many people say they’d like to have straight teeth and a wonderful smile. Some of us are blessed with genetics that gives us this naturally, while others must consult with orthodontists to achieve their best smile. Despite the evidence, sometimes people are hesitant to get braces or pursue orthodontic treatment.

Today, we’ll go over how orthodontists are here to help you every step of the way, and why braces are well worth the money. Besides being an investment in your smile and straighter teeth, they can be an investment in your health to help prevent future diseases.

You No Longer Have to Go the Traditional Route

Many people are hesitant to wear braces because of experiences other people have had in the past. They don’t want the wires, or to wear braces for multiple years, and instead decide to never improve their teeth. But besides the average length of time a person will need to wear braces being two years, traditional metal braces are no longer the only option. Invisalign aligners are more popular than ever, and may actually reduce the overall treatment time depending on your treatment schedule.

Eliminate Tension Headaches, TMJ, or Speech Problems

Everyone knows that braces eventually make your teeth straighter and more aligned, but did you know that they can help eliminate other common oral disorders, such as tension headaches or speech problems? When the teeth are misaligned, people can chew incorrectly or clench their teeth in odd fashions to compensate. Not to mention having lisps, irregular speech patterns, or more. By getting braces and correcting the alignment and position of the teeth, common habits that caused stress and tension can be eliminated.

Prevent Tooth Decay and Heart Disease

When you let orthodontists work their magic with braces, you’ll get straighter teeth over time. One of the benefits of having straighter teeth is that they’ll be easier to clean, floss, and monitor for signs of infection. Bits of food and sugar love to hide in the crevices or gaps of misaligned teeth, and this can cause trouble down the line for many people. Plaque may eventually form and turn into tartar, which if hardened can cause health issues.

When tartar hardens and forms on the teeth, it can cause gum inflammation, gingivitis, and more. This leads directly to tooth decay or oral infections, which can infect the bloodstream and even cause heart disease. By having Invisalign aligners or other braces treatments done, you can avoid these issues almost entirely.

Gain Self Confidence Like Never Before

One of the greatest things about modern orthodontics is the ability to choose what type of braces you receive and how your treatment continues. Many people resist getting braces because of the aesthetic looks of wires on their teeth, bits of food stuck, or just an overall cramp in their style. But now with invisible braces, you can have all the benefits of braces while eliminating many of the downsides. There truly has never been a better time in history to get braces and work toward your best smile.

The Price Is Right

Braces have historically been considered an expensive treatment, but that is no longer true. In fact, many dental insurance plans will cover orthodontic treatment up to a certain extent, leaving minimal out-of-pocket costs. Many orthodontists also have flexible payment plans available.

Braces Are the Complete Package

From being able to finally craft that perfect smile to preventing a whole host of future health disorders, braces really are the whole package. Orthodontists are here to help you get the results that you want on time, with the minimal amount of inconvenience done to you or interruption to your schedule. We think that after you see the benefits of having braces, you’ll be glad that you decided to go through with it. Because having straighter teeth isn’t just about a wonderful smile, it’s about creating the best possible version of yourself. Book your free consultation today with David Ross Orthodontics and get started on your new smile!