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Why Metal Braces Are Still a Great Investment

For those who want to improve the way they look, talk, eat, and drink, you may have considered talking with your local orthodontist about braces. But understandably, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the technology or cost of orthodontics these days. There can be so many options to choose from, at varying costs, styles, and techniques that you might be tempted to simply embrace the teeth you have. But instead of giving up, consider that metal braces might be the cost-effective solution you’re looking for.

Metal braces, depending on who you ask, are either a curse or a blessing. If you poll teenagers who are concerned with their appearance on whether they like metal braces or not, you’ll most likely get negative answers. But poll adults or those same teenagers after treatment and they might change their tune. Metal braces continue to be around for a reason, and that’s because they still work at giving people bright smiles for a lower cost.

In this article, we’ll go over why metal braces continue to be used by orthodontists everywhere and are a great choice for your orthodontic treatment.

They’re The Original Braces

Metal braces are sometimes called “traditional braces” for a reason—they were the first type of braces invented, and they are where we get the term “braces” from. Long before invisible braces or lingual braces existed, we had bulky, metal braces that were made from different types of metals and brackets. Although the designs and materials have improved over the years, metal braces are still just that—metal pieces of wire that attach to brackets and bring the teeth closer together. They still work just as intended, and are a remarkably functional piece of technology.

Every Orthodontist Knows How to Install and Manage Them

Even if your local orthodontist prefers to install other types of braces, they are guaranteed to know their way around metal braces. If they’ve trained to become an orthodontist in the USA, they’ve spent hours upon hours installing and managing metal braces for their patients. Just like how a mechanic understands what’s under the hood of a basic automobile, orthodontists receive their training by learning and understanding how to use braces to get the orthodontic results they want. Older orthodontists may not be up to date on how to use Invisalign or other types of braces to their maximum potential, but every orthodontist knows metal braces inside and out.

Covered By Every Insurance Plan

Metal braces are much more accessible under most insurance plans. If you don’t have insurance at all, and rely on Medicaid or other federal programs, many of them will pay to get metal braces, but not Invisalign or other treatments. Metal braces are the standard, lowest cost orthodontic treatment available to most individuals and they are the widest available treatment in the orthodontic market. Therefore, they are easy to find, pay for, and fix when necessary. This is an incredible convenience and blessing to those who can either not afford braces or live in limited, rural markets.

They Provide a Traditional Braces Experience

In some ways, the blessings of invisible braces such as Invisalign can become a curse. When you’re able to take your “braces” off at will and set them aside to eat or drink, you might lose them, forget them somewhere, or simply not put them back in for enough time. One of the upsides of traditional braces is that they’re glued onto your teeth, so it is impossible not to deal with them. You may have to pick food out of your teeth and change your brushing/eating habits, but this is a small price to pay for knowing that your braces are always at work and there’s no effort required from you. Don’t delay, get your braces at David Ross Orthodontics today!