Why Your Child Should Visit the Orthodontist at About 7 Years Old

According to KidsHealth, treatment for kids braces should start at age seven. You may be thinking that that is too young, but there are reasons why starting treatment sooner rather than later is important. Here’s what you need to know about why you should bring your child to the orthodontist when they turn seven.

For Early Intervention

As your child’s teeth develop, your general dentist will keep an eye out for any abnormal formations and bite development. As soon as they notice a problem with your child’s bite, they’ll recommend you see an orthodontist for treatment options. Typically, that is around seven years old. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, abnormalities with a child’s bite are evident between the ages of six and twelve. Braces treatment for kids typically starts around eight years of age if the child has been referred early on to the orthodontist. This early intervention is what’ll ensure successful results. The sooner your child can start wearing braces, the sooner the problem will be fixed.

To Monitor Changes

While most treatments for kids that need braces don’t start until the eight to 10 age range, it’s important that development is tracked by the orthodontist. Tracking development will ensure that the right treatment plan is designed for your child. Regular visits to the orthodontist in the time leading up to the start of the treatment is essential in ensuring that your child gets the best treatment possible since doing so will allow changes to be monitored.

To Develop a Partnership With an Orthodontist

Taking your child to visit the orthodontist at the age of seven helps to develop a partnership with the orthodontist in order to get your child ready to wear braces. The orthodontist will provide education for you and your child that’ll help keep their teeth healthy before, during, and after the braces. Beginning this relationship before the braces even go on can help your child to feel more confident about the treatment. The orthodontist can help your child to overcome fears of the treatment process so that when the time comes for the braces to go on, your child will feel good about what to expect.

It’s never too early to bring your child to the orthodontist. In fact, bringing them early on will help ensure issues can be caught and treated. When your child turns seven, make an appointment with us at David Ross Orthodontics right away.