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3 Orthodontic Services You Might Need

Do you have an overbite, crooked teeth, or prominent gums? Are you looking for the best way to resolve your oral issues? Orthodontic treatment protects your teeth from damage, improves their appearance, and enhances speech function. Here are three orthodontic services you should know about.


According to Global News Wire, the use of Invisalign has grown tremendously, with more than 10 million people having used them. Out of this number, 1.4 million users are teens, and adults love them too. Invisalign treatment involves gradually wearing a set of clear removable aligners designed to straighten your teeth. It’s one of the orthodontic services that doesn’t come with wires or brackets, as with metal braces.

Every patient has varying teeth alignment issues, and the duration of treatment varies from one patient to the other. Your orthodontist may prescribe Invisalign treatment for between six to 12 months.

Adults wear aligners for a prolonged time compared to teenagers. This is because a teen’s teeth move quickly and are more responsive to treatment. However, adults usually have less responsive teeth and jaws as well as complex alignment issues.

Aligners put constant pressure on the wearer’s teeth, gradually moving them to the proper place. Wearing them based on the orthodontist’s recommendation helps you achieve a straight smile quickly.

Gum Line Sculpting

Not everyone is happy with their gum line. If your gum line covers too much of your teeth, you may be unsatisfied with your smile. Excessive gums also make other orthodontic treatments difficult or impossible, since they cover up too much of the surface of the teeth. They can interfere with traditional braces and clear aligners.

Many orthodontists offer laser gum line sculpting services. These relatively quick treatments are done in your orthodontist’s office using a topical numbing agent. During treatment, you will only feel the movement of the laser without any pain. Within a few days, your gums should be healed and look better than ever.

Surgical Orthodontics

If you have a severe overbite or underbite, you may need jaw surgery to correct the problem. Typically, corrective jaw surgery is done after the teeth are straightened with traditional braces or clear aligners. Surgery is done in a hospital setting by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. After your surgery is complete and your jaw is healed, your orthodontist will continue to straighten your teeth until you have a perfectly functional and beautiful smile.

Orthodontists offer all of the services you need to correct problems with the alignment of your teeth and jaws. With proper orthodontic treatment, you will be able to speak more clearly and smile with greater confidence. Are you looking for a reliable orthodontist? Contact our caring team at David Ross Orthodontics today, and we will gladly assist you.